A Voyage to Vancouver!

Vancouver reminded us of a mini, less crowded, & clean NYC. During our stay the weather was perfect- sunny skies with the temperature in the upper 60’s low 70’s (the locals said their winter season consists of constant rain & we chose the perfect time to come in late May when rain was less frequent… the only day we saw it was on our way to the airport to return home).

View from the Hampton Inn

We stayed at the Hampton Inn on Robson St & by the time we arrived it was time for dinner. We went just around the corner to Fanny Bay Oyster Bar & Seafood Market. Mom & I ordered the Oyster Trio while Jacob had the Squid Ink Linguini. For dessert we all split the Lemon Semifreddo.

Lemon Semifreddo

The following morning we ate brunch at Cafe Medina. It was an 1 1/2 hour wait by the time we got there (around 10 am) but it was totally worth it.


Mom ordered freshly squeezed orange juice, I ordered the  lavender latte (one of their most popular drinks), and my brother ordered a dark chocolate mocha.

For eats at Cafe Medina I ordered the Saumon Fumé, Mom ordered 3 Belgian waffles & chose the Fig Orange Marmalade, Dark Chocolate, & Milk Chocolate Lavender as dipping sauces, and Jacob had the Fricassée. Though they were all amazing meals, Jacob’s was the absolute best.

After brunch we caught a free shuttle to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Luckily the bus picked up at the public library which was really close to our hotel & Cafe Medina. We bought our tickets online in advance so we were able to skip the lines once we got there. It was so worth going too! We walked the famous suspension bridge, “cliff walked”, did the “tree top adventures” which allowed us to walk at the tops of enormous Douglas-Fir trees (some as high as 110 feet!) , and walked throughout the trails on the forest’s floor. We came across 2 guides, 1 holding and teaching about a falcon while the other talking about an owl.

After the park, we were ready for dinner and walked to a Lebanese restaurant called Nuba (their Gastown location). For an appetizer we ordered the Najib’s Special (cauliflower tossed with lemon and sea salt, served with tahini). For our main course Mom & I split the grilled chicken which was amazing . Jacob ordered the stuffed eggplant and honestly wasn’t a fan of its slimy-ness but managed to eat it all anyway.

The next morning we boarded our cruise to Alaska!

When we returned from Alaska, we had one last day in Vancouver. For breakfast, Jacob & Mom ordered waffles at La Petit Belge which was close to our hotel.


After breakfast, we decided to go to Granville Island. We took a ferry, located right behind the BC Place (Vancouver Whitecaps FC arena) specifically at the Plaza of Nations, to the island. We arrived at Granville Island around 9 am and fell in love with the Public Market (partially because no one was there yet).



I immediately got some freshly squeezed grapefruit juice at Fraser Valley. 🙂

After exploring the island for about an hour, we sat out on the dock near the market to enjoy the view and sunny warm weather (quite contrary to our previous few days in Alaska so it was extra nice 🙂 )


We made one last run through the market to purchase a few items to eat later- fresh cherries (sooooo good), roasted bbq chicken/baked mac n cheese/butternut squash, Chinese food, sushi, and of course a few freshly baked cookies.


On our last night, my mom & I ate a light dinner on the bottom floor of the Hampton Inn at a restaurant called Bogart’s Bar. We enjoyed a glass of Pinot Noir and split a pizza. Jacob went down the street to a noodle house called Delicious Pho.  Afterwards, Jacob & I went to get nitrogen ice cream at Gelato Express N2. I got the Mint Moose Tracks and lets just say it was the perfect way to end our last night in Vancouver. 😉



Until we meet again, Canada!



Side notes-

  • Be prepared to use credit card. Most places, with the exception of 2 places at Granville Island, take American dollars “on par”, meaning its 1 for 1 rather than the current exchange rate.
  • Transportation:
    • Uber & Lyft do not exist here. Only thing similar is Car2go
    • The Hampton Inn downtown does not have a shuttle to the airport (taxi fee is in the $30s.)
    • Main means of transportation: Skytrain, bus, taxi.
  • One thing that threw us off with customs:
    • GOING THERE: American Airlines from SAT –> DFW –> YVR (went through customs @ YVR)
    • RETURN: American Airlines from YVR (went through US customs @ YVR. We had originally thought we would go through customs in Dallas.. thew us off) –> DFW –> SAT




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